Sunday, November 15

We're Not Quite Dead Yet

For those faithful few that read our musings on sports I want to take this chance to say that we are still living, no matter how faint our pulse is. The original intent of the this blog was to serve as a lockbox if you will (please say you will) for the philosophies and ideas Catfish and I had about sports. We took many diverse twists and turns in that endeavor, ranging from the attempt to build succesful media presentations to seeking out our niche in the lucrative writing of posts.

Where we land now is a moment of pause and perhaps a deathknell to what we thought was going to be built. Catfish has immersed himself in the building in Charlotte's premeire sports radio shows while I have left town for a professional opportunity in collegiate athletics. This dedication and pursuit of tangible success has left our blog to suffer and for that I am sorry. Once a period of pause and availibilty to suitably express our views on the sports world around us becomes available, then we will likely return. If we do, rest assured it will be with a resolution to put down exactly what our thoughts are without a filter. That means the Catfish article on Deadspin will not be prevented from posting from my end. There have been a few people out there that have taken a few moments to see what we have to say, and that is all you can ask for nowadays. So if you have not abandoned us completely, please keep checking back in a month or so and hopefully we can provide some insight, provoke thought, and perhaps even induce a chuckle.

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