Monday, October 25

Stylin' and Profilin'

Back at work today after my 3 day weekend down at The U. What a weekend, and not just from a football standpoint. The Canes got a 33-10 win over North Carolina and I got to see a lot of old friends, eat at all the old haunts, and threw (more than) a few back. The fairweather fans had flown after the F$U game, and Sun Life only sat 60% full. That didn't stop the ridiculous tailgate we had going, the local talent from being on full display, or our spirits from being dampened. If Miami plays with that kind of energy and passion the rest of the year, I don't care if it results in losses. Even the stoic Randy Shannon was body bumping players.

A 15 yard penalty for Shawn Spence riding Brandon Harris like a horsey and Orlando Franklin bringing his Ric Flair impression to the table was refreshing.

We are going to try to focus on college football this week, as we have slightly ignored it. Work is busy so who knows what we get to. I'll have to manage my timeouts better than Kirk Ferentz.

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Here is to hoping they lose to MSU next week.