Friday, October 1

It's a Sometimes You Forget Friday

Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall took umbrage to comments made on the NFL Network about his supposed lack of effort at the end of last week's Sunday Night Football loss to the Jets. He said that one of his criticizers, Sterling Sharpe was not an elite player or a Hall of Famer. Clearly Marshall is ill informed about how good Sharpe was before injuries forced him out of the league. If only Dennis Hopper were around, he could let Marshall know about the freight train. It is inexcusable for players now to not know recent history of the game or even distant history. Pick up your iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, or what have you and google the name, stats, and career of a man before you go and insult him. Information is now more readily available to us than at any other time in our current age of civilization yet the stupidity to generalize about it remains ever present. It also never hurts to reminisce about these great Hopper NFL/referee commercials. I don't know where Hopper is now that he's no longer with us, but wherever he is I do know he's not getting caught watching the paint dry.

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