Monday, July 7

Wait, what?

I thought Cleet was sending me a link to prove he'd beaten my high score on Peggle. If it wasn't for his catchy title, I easily could've passed. Unfortunately, I remember that.

As for the name, my ex-girlfriend identified the catfish as my power animal, because I'm a slime-sucking bottom dweller. She's a lawyer, I guess she'd know.

In the spirit of the American Film Institute's number 5 sports movie of all time, I'm going to start with some clich├ęs.

I believe in sports.
I believe nothing can unite or divide people better.
I believe 9 out of 10 great sports stories fall by the wayside in favor of easier ones.
I believe in statistics.
I believe players should create theater on the playing surface.
I believe in JMac... and TMac.
I believe John Wooden and Flutie's Hail Mary are overrated.

I believe true fans favorite player's numbers are rarely in the rafters.
I believe its hard not to love Shaq.
I believe its hard not to hate Shaq.
I believe the student-athlete has been ruined by the people assigned to protect them.
I believe the fan has a right to be wrong.
I believe in home-field advantage.
I believe in rooting for your flag.
I believe to be the man, you gotta beat the man.
I believe in one moment changing a legacy.

To go along with this some things I don't believe in: Bud Selig, Joe Buck, beating the system to beat the game, David Stern, Coach K, the entourage, recruiting sites, and flopping.

I'm a guy who'd rather debate who can name the most Tigers than Bret Favre's retirement plans. I'm a guy who loves the numbers, loves the people, and hates TMZ. I hope to make people think, I hope to arm people with ammunition for arguments, and I hope you enjoy.

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