Monday, July 7

Welcome to ASD

Welcome all. On this day, shortly following the anniversary of the birth of our nation, we give birth to our blog. Who are we? We are the Amphibious Sports Duo. A pair of guys who simply enjoy sports. That may be putting it too blandly, or not artistic enough, but considering this is my first day it will have to suffice. I am one half of this dynamic tandem and I go by Cleet. I was born in Connecticut, but lived most of my life in Charlotte, NC. I attended the University of Miami where I was a four-year member of the rowing team. I also coached high school and collegiate rowing after I graduated. Following additional odd jobs not worth mentioning I went back to school and earned a Master's degree in Sport Science from High Point University in North Carolina. I currently reside in Charlotte and am fresh out of school (for the last time I assure you) and ready to join the indecipherable mess that is the sports world.

My hetero life partner in sports is the indomitable Catfish. He goes by many names and the details of his life I will leave to him to share. We are friends that met in high school an undisclosed amount of years ago. Since then we have always discussed, argued, cussed, spat, throw-objects, on the topic of sports. We believe that we offer an honest and committed view of sports. We more than often have a diverging take on sports we cover but the idea of what should be covered reains typically the same.

The purpose of our blog (we hope) is that we can interject our serious thoughts on sports and their impact on society but even to a more concise degree the analysis of the sporting events themselves. This is NOT a blog that will focus on ripping people for their social mishaps and inadequacies. Will there be some? Absolutely. It is unavoidable to mention when an athlete, coach, broadcaster, et. al. make a fool of themselves, but it will merely be a mention or a funny reference within a post about a sporting event. This blog is about gaining and sharing insight into today's sports and also occasionally drawing parallels to past events. That being said, the blog is mainly developed for having fun with sports, and will not be a high and mighty, look-down-our-nose take on what is wrong with sports and the athlete today. Many of today's blogs have created their niche and ours remains undetermined but we will not try to compete with those out there that are far more advanced in finding photos of quarterbacks swilling beer with under-age girls. Do we read those blogs? You bet. Will we reference and link those blogs? Sure. Will we even post material from those blogs? Yes. The one thing we will not do is replicate them. We will do our utmost to make every post signed by myself or Catfish as an original take on the subject from our point of view. If anyone out there reads our thoughts and finds them interesting, even if they stumble on to us by accident, then we will have succeeded. To me sports are the ultimate representation of the extremes of the human condition, and I look forward to pulling the thoughts out of my head and placing them here.

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