Tuesday, October 6

College Football Officials Out To Create Race Of Endzone Cyborgs

I believe it was the great governor of California that said "Desire is irrelevant, I am a machine." When it comes to college football players, the officials would like to see the same emotionless reaction when a young man and his teammates score a touchdown that could potentially be game-winning in a contest that the schools and the conference are making millions on through television rights and advertisements and millions of dollars is being gambled on.

As Orson of EDSB put it: "...mostly white, middle-aged men judging the intent of young black men’s pantomime following emotional and exhilarating moments in sporting competition." But lo! What is this? The SEC has now come out and said he should not have thrown the flag. You know,the officials have a hard enough time calling the plays on the field correctly so maybe a little leeway should be granted to a player that scores a possible game-changing touchdown. It's enough to make you sick, even if you are LSU.

The officials were more than willing to allow Notre Dame self-congratulate to "excess" after they tied it up against Washington late,even after they blew the call of Hughes' knee being down before he crossed the goal line on the 2 point conversion. Washington still drove the ball down and sent the game into overtime which many people point to as the crux of the Georgia game. The Bulldogs still allowed a long return by Holliday and the touchdown scamper by Charles Scott. I wonder how Washington fans feel after the bad call and the no call from celebrating considering Jake Locker was penalized for his display of happiness last year against BYU.

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