Wednesday, October 14

Wednesday Links

Above is a graph from EDSBS which was included in a group of charts and graphs to help explain the college football season so far. J12's trip to Target in Blacksburg may cost him a chance to wear the pimp suit to the Heisman presentation.

An interview with John Calipari. [TBL]

The Red Sox have questions, questions that need answering. [Rumors and Rants]

Joe Pos on the ten best hitters of all time. [Joe Posnanski]

People are not happy with LSU's play calling after that anemic display against Florida. [Friends of the Program]

Obligatory Rush Limbaugh NFL ownership post. [Yahoo]

On the heels of Francisco Garcia's injury via Physioball, the dumb injury hall of fame. [Basketbawful]

It's trivia Wednesday. Stadium names are not as iconic as they used to be, so if you struggle with guessing the teams that play in them I understand. [Sporcle]

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the EPA said...

I protest Des Moines being the bottom of the Fly-ness chart. The creators of said chart have clearly never been to Ontario, CA.