Tuesday, October 6

“Tom and I we’ve been friends for years. There’s no other person, no other football player maybe other than Junior Seau that I have more respect for. “I texted Tom and told him, ‘Hey Tom, I’m going to bust your chops a little bit at halftime.’ It was a joke, and everyone’s getting all bent out of shape,” Harrison explained. “This guy’s directly responsible for me having two Super Bowl rings on my fingers, and you think I’m going to call him out? It’s one thing to criticize a guy out if he’s not playing well. But to question a guy like Tom Brady, who I feel like is one of the toughest guys I’ve ever been around … It’s totally absurd, ridiculous, that people would actually think that I would take a shot at Tom Brady. I’ve had some 30 text messages and 30 e-mails [saying], ‘Some of the Patriots fans are kind of upset at you,’ ” Harrison added. “The one thing I do stand by: I felt the call was not a good call… as far as when I jokingly took a shot at Tom Brady, if it’s something that I truly meant, I would stand by it. But I didn’t mean it that way. And Tom knows that. We’re good friends. … It’s just ridiculous that people would think that.”

Rodney Harrison on some people thinking his knock on Brady on NBC was not a joke.
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