Friday, March 5

Around the ASD Universe: UNC/Duke, Jake is No Longer Our Del-homey, and Chanticleer Fevor

After going without power last weekend and digging myself out from the snow, which still covers the ground and my walkway, we are looking forward to a weekend full of sports. I will be huddling inside this weekend to save a little no the budget. I basically had to spend a bit much on gas driving to my brothers to enjoy any form of modern technology and then on replacing the contents of my fridge. I thought I might salvage some of the food by putting it outside in my shed, but after further inspection I chucked it. Like my Dad always said "When in doubt, throw it out" but if there is one thing I loathe it is wasting food. Whenever I eat out, I always clear my plate, nothing wasted. When I cook (which is rare) I always eat it all or save what I can't finish (which is rare if ever). It is not from any form of self-righteousness, but just the fact that I love eating so much it irks me to see perfectly edible food tossed away.

That said, the weekend provides plenty in the sports world that should keep my time with Call of Duty to a minimum. We have to begin with Catfish's embattled North Carolina Tar Heels. The Heels are sitting at 16-14, 4-10 in the ACC so unless they string together a perfect ACC tournament the Dean Dome will be a raucus host to an NIT game in a few weeks. Many people (including me sometimes) tell Catfish that he should just be quiet and enjoy the title his team won a year ago. Any true fan of a successful team knows that is impossible; you always want your team to win every year, every season no matter what. Catfish will be the first to tell you the light blue fan base is quite unforgiving. Win is the only way to keep them satiated. Win now, win often, win all the time. The setback of this year's team has brought a lot of heat on Roy Williams, perhaps more than I have ever seen for a coach who cut the nets down the previous year.

A lot of ills can be cured if UNC wins their 5th straight at Cameron on Saturday night. Duke is favored to win, should win, will most likely win. However, it is not like Carolina will not be pumped up and does not contain the talent to spark the upset. I do think Duke wins this game in a crazy scene reminiscent of the '98 senior day Wojo game.

In NFL news, the Carolina Panthers cut Jake Delhomme last night. Jake came a long way from his World Bowl Dance(see below) to leading the Panthers to Super Bowl 38. He leaves the Panthers with virtually all their passing records but after his 18 INT performance last year (and that's with missing 5 games!) it was clear the magic had left the Cajun's right arm. Delhomme was a great leader for the team and ambassador for the franchise while he was productive. It is a shame the horrible decision by the front office to give him an extension to try and clear cap space last spring. The Matt Moore era will continue in Charlotte next year. Don't expect the Panthers to go after Vick, GM Marty Hurney and coach John Fox are on the chopping block for their jobs and they are not going to risk next year on the flappy arm and shotty legs Vick displayed last year. Don't feel too bad for Jake, the Panthers still owe him about $13 million.

Championship week is upon is in college basketball. The mid-major conferences are first into the fray in determining who gets their league's invite to the tourney. One of the first tickets will be punched tomorrow when Coastal Carolina hosts Winthrop in the Big South Championship. Never hiding our love for the Big South, Coastal Carolina is a team that could spark an upset come tourney time if they win tomorrow's championship game at 4 on ESPN2. The Chanticleers (a nickname everyone will be talking about if they make it) are the 1 seed and hosting on their tiny on-campus gym which I believe is smaller than my high school gym. Still, the Chants are led by coach Cliff Ellis who has lead teams to the tourney before, including sweet 16 trips with Clemson and Auburn (yes the Auburn with Chris Porter). Their opponent is Palmetto in-state rival Winthrop. The Eagles are the most recognized Big South team in basketball due to their upset of Notre Dame in the 2007 NCAA Tournament. They are coached by Randy Peele who was an assistant under Greg Marshall who led those Winthrop teams. This is what (the current) Tournament is all about, mid-majors playing one game, with one shot at the ultimate prize of playing on a national stage in the dance.

Sadly, there will be no tale of the country's leading rebounder and Drago alter ego Artsiom Parakhouski of Radford. The Highlanders fell to Winthrop in the semifinals. Dreams are not true this year.


the EPA said...

No Call of Duty? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Cleet said...

I said I would try to keep it to a minimum, which I'm sure I will fail at.