Monday, March 8

Tebow = $

Tim Tebow has yet to be categorized as an NFL football player. His status in our culture, however, has been solidified; Tebow is a cash cow. I do not say this in an entirely negative manner, Tebow is no longer a college athlete he is a professional. He has the right of life, liberty, and property. Sorry to go John Locke it is looking more and more that Tebow will acquire a lot of that last right. This past Saturday Tim made an appearance at a mall in Palm Beach where he signed autographs and posed for pictures. Those wishing to seek an audience with him paid the tidy sum of $160. To say the turnout was large and the autograph seekers were huge fans would be an understatement.

"Charles Hoyle brought his Bible for Tebow to sign."

Really sir? That seems a bit extreme. If you are one that holds the good book in such high esteem should it not be autographed by anyone unless they are, you know, Jesus? Yet I understand the draw of Tebow. He is a man of values, he carries himself well, and he has proved (so far) to be a person of unshakable faith. People will often gravitate towards these figures as examples who they feel can justify their faith.

The signing was not a complete cashgrab though:

"Most of the money raised at Saturday's signing will go towards the Tim Tebow Foundation. The organization's website said it wants to bring faith and hope to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need."

That means money was put directly in pockets for this. Great description of the foundation too, vague enough to allow them to do whatever they want with the cash. Tebow learned a thing or two about tax shelters from his Dad I am sure. Tell me again why a team would not take this guy early in the draft? He's the most lucrative tight-end/halfback/quarterback with an awkward throwing motion maybe ever. Jersey sales from the first week alone would bring in insane amounts of money from the same people that lined up for hours Saturday. Tebow may not pay dividends on the football field but in the community, with this teammates and especially in the bank account it would be wise for an owner to take him.

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