Friday, March 12

It's A Friday Photobombing

As we end the week and prepare to delve into a weekend that will culminate with the setting of the brackets, it is tmie to embrace a lofty tradition: photobombing popular sports icons with the throwing of the "U". We have our first example here on an unsuspecting Bobby Bowden:


Perhaps it is not a grand accomplishment to get anything past ole Bobby nowadays but a fun moment nonetheless.

For the pièce de résistance, here is a young lass giving the U business to Tebow at the Super Bowl this year:


Well done my lady. No word on whether Tebow charged $75 for the photo or not.


Ryan said...

Classic. You'd think both of those guys would know what that means by now.

Cleet said...

There was a short blurb in the Miami Herald about the Tebow one. Apparently he saw it and was awww shucks about it. Sounds about right.