Wednesday, May 12

Cleveland Cavaliers Flop: So many questions

Following last night's debacle, I'm left with so many questions. Not quite as many as actual Cav fans but plenty none the less. Here's my top ten questions that may or may not be answered in the next few months.

10. If LeBron leaves does Mo Williams turn into the midwest version of baron Davis complete with beard and 25 extra pounds?

9. If Shaq and Z are both gone, do the Cavs believe a frontline of Varejao, Jamison, Hickson and Powe could be championship worthy?

8. Could Usain Bolt beat Mike Brown out the door when the inevitable happens?

7. Is there any chance we could ever put LBJ in MJ's class after that performance?

6. Will John Calipari be the next man on the bench in an effort to get the King to stay?

5. If the Celtics can have a 42 game turnaround in one season, why are people so convinced that the Knicks would be a multi-year rebuilding project?

4. Is this the Celtics last stand or do they have enough in the tank to challenge the Magic?

3. How can a team think it's championship caliber when a guy with 0 FGs leads the team in scoring at halftime?

2. Is this the first time someone has referred to Cleveland fans as being spoiled?

1. Does LBJ realize at this point that Kwame Brown has just as much right to have a Chosen 1 tattoo?

Last night was perhaps the most disappointing performance by an All-Time great I've ever seen. I can understand having a poor shooting night, but to not compete is inexcusable. He may want to become a global icon, but at this point perhaps the biggest question is what will that brand stand for, because the greatest crossover sports icon is Michael Jordan and he got there by always competing. The King can no longer say that. Watching him "play" last night was like meeting your favorite athlete and realizing he's a jerk (edited for the kids). He gave perhaps the greatest fan gut punch of the last 20 years. When Kobe quit against the Suns, the Lakers weren't going anywhere. This team was seen as one of the legitimate contenders for the crown and even if they win game 6, the King has robbed his teammates of their confidence in themselves, each other, and even him.


the EPA said...

I think the Knicks should spend $$$ on LBJ, Wade, and Bosch. They would be a younger version of the Big 3 in Boston. As for the rest of the roster.... I hear Sebastian Telfair and Michael Olowakandi (is that even close?) are available.

Cleet said...

As you point out, the damage done by LBJ last night was permanent. Wherever he goes from now on this will follow him. I've never seen anything like it.