Friday, May 7

Video Game Representation of Braves Nets Man $1 Million

Yesterday I took some heat from loyal reader and fan of all things involving The Dirty Dirty, Beck. She is a Braves fan and once held the gaze of Jeff Francoeur at close range, if tales be true. So when I presented the picture of the Senate catering gaff in the previous post she was not too happy. Now, since I am a Mets fan I normally take great delight in anything that casts the Bravos in a negative light. However, since I have not received any correspondence this week from Beck regarding the Saved By the Bell reruns that are part of our individual morning routines, I have a peace offering post.

Wade McGilberry of Alabama won a contest for MLB 2K10 which challenged players to throw a perfect game and send the tape in. The prize was $1 million. The team Wade used? The Atlanta Braves. The opponents? The New York Mets. Wade is not a professional gamer. He is just a working man, a husband (at only 23, but that's how they do it down south), and a guy who thought he had a chance. Once 2K verified his feat which occured in March, they appeared at his house with the ceremonial giant check. He and his wife Katy plan to pay off their mortgage and start a family. A very happy ending, all thanks to the Braves and the simulated arm of Kenshin Kawakami. The real arm of Kawakami is 0-5 with a 5.47 ERA. So huzzah for Wade and huzzah for the Braves, making dreams come true.

On Deck For Millionaire Gamer: Starting a Family [Kotaku]

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