Monday, May 3

Happy May Day (Belated)

May Day was on Saturday, but I was attending an Uno de Mayo celebration. In honor recognition of a belated May Day celebration, the one and only Grace Jones who played the Bond female villian May Day. She was also Catfish's favorite character to play in Goldeneye on N64(just kidding it was Valentin). A View to a Kill was on TV as I was nursing my hangover yesterday. I hit the trusty info button on my remote control and saw the movie got 2 and half stars. Just more proof that the star system is way out of whack. I am a fan of the Bond films(working on a top ten Bond films), but not a completely obsessed one. I've seen just about all the movies at least once. This one I had not seen since I was pretty young.

View to a Kill was bad on many levels. First, Christopher Walken played the villain but he did not play it with the lunacy that made him so memorable in later roles. Tanya Roberts as a geologist was about as believable as Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist. The biggest problem though was that Roger Moore was too old by this time, and he knew it. Old Roger Moore in love scene with Grace Jones? Do not want but hey, Duran Duran knocked out that theme song.
Anyway as our faux May Day celebration, let's look forward to what is happening in the sports world in May.

Playoffs? Playoffs! The NBA and NHL playoffs last all month long! Lucky for you the champion in both sports won't be crowned until June. It's the journey not the destination right? Jazz fans agree.

We'll be roughly halfway to the halfway point of the MLB season by May's end. It should give time for Mets fans to come back down to Earth(process started last night) and teams like the Yankees to get their rightful place in first.

World Cup....doesn't start until June. You can use May to hear about all the problems forthcoming for it.

UFC 113 will be this weekend. True MMA fans will be looking forward to Machida/Shogun 2, while others can spark up the Kimbo Slice discussion.

Hey, so May is not the pinnacle of the sports landscape but offseason football talk will always be there to entertain us, bring our hopes us, or cause us to lose faith in humanity.


the EPA said...

Grace Jones: now that's a handsome woman.

Cleet said...

Not many women can pull of the flat top.