Wednesday, September 29

Lighting a Candle for Catfish

Catfish has been hard at work making morning drives less grueling and more insightful. He's also been hunkered down in his lair creating a MASS device which will make him the most powerful NBA GM in the galaxy (outside Rigel 7 of course). As football season enters the conclusion of its first month back, Catfish has been welcomed back with two colossally bad football teams. First, we have the Carolina Panthers. We knew the team was going to be bad, but in all honesty were we really expecting this only three weeks in?

It's hard to mark down a definite win for the Panthers, and they still play the Rams and Browns. Maybe San Francisco's dumpster fire will burn brighter in week 7 for the Panthros to steal a win. Perhaps that is a bit harsh, John Fox is a solid coach, if a bit resistant to change. One thing is certain: when Saints host Carolina this Sunday I expect Charles Godfrey and the rest of the Panther defense to get lit up like a Manora. I'm sure when they return home to face the Bears the next week it will be a joy seeing Julius Peppers give maximum effort all game as Carolina struggles again on offense.

On the college side, Catfish's beloved Tar Heels have not had any easier go of it. After almost taking the opener off the silver platter Les Miles held out for them, UNC fell to Georgia Tech. They bounced back last week against Rutgers thanks in large part of the return of Bruce Carter. Carter was one of the many defensive stars the Heels had sitting out. The defense will keep improving as the year goes on and they get players back but will the offense, especially the playcalling, get in gear? They face interstate rival East Carolina this Saturday which is by no means a gimme. [Update: Yahoo not making things easier]

It can't be easy to stomach but then again I guess it is not as bad as being a Cleveland sports fan. At least they didn't name a horrible social network movie after you Catfish....oh wait.

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the EPA said...

By proxy he has 3 bad football teams.

Panthers, Tar Heels, and the Bulldogs.


Cleet said...

Damn, good call Walter. When it rains, it dumps.

Becky said...

I am pretty sure he wont claim anything... ever... of the sec. I've even tried a little house divided theme and he's not having it.

Apparently there's going to be 2 man rooms.

Btw, During his round of trivia questions last night, I missed the one whose answer was, "Georgia."
That's how focused I am as a fan.

Cleet said...

So Georgia is not on your mind right now?

/shows self out

the EPA said...

Becky the reason you missed the Georgia question is because it wasn't followed by the words, autistic dog mascot, DWI, or awesome youTube video.

Becky said...

or red panties