Monday, January 4

Sometime You Forget: Big Monday Is Almost Here

Football is in full post-season mode. The BcS bowls will be more than halfway home after tonight's Fiesta Bowl. The NFL playoffs start this weekend and a month from now people will be going through withdrawal. For college basketball fans, the early non-conference games gave us a chance to see how far teams had to go and who could be players in March. Big Monday is on the horizon and besides the great basketball, Big Monday reminds me of one thing: Robert Goulet. This was Goulet back before Will Ferrell had his crack at him. These commercials were pure gold. The way the early SC commercials were good for their hokey and random nature. Tonight ESPN starts its run of Monday night match-ups with Pitt playing at the Shoe against Cincinnati. Both teams are 2-0 in the Big East scoring wins over Syracuse and UCONN respectively. that will give us the best of college basketball until March. Will I be watching? No, since the Fiesta Bowl take priority and my commercial filler will likely be the return of Brett Hart to the WWE. However, the college hardwood is in my mind and I am looking forward to getting immersed in it once football dwindles away.

By the way, I know I swore off WWE months ago, but bringing a stroke-ridden Brett is enough to make me give a glance. Brett was always my favorite as a kid. Anyway, here is another Goulet special that was one of my favorites, back when Pitino was coaching the Cats.

Special shout-out to the Concierge on the Goulet commercials, Mrs. Hutchinson's class FTW.

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