Friday, January 29

The Dangers of Being Amphibious

Reader mail!

Clayton emails in this link about the dangers of kids being ambidextrous. According to the article, a study was done in Finland on young people who were able to go left or right.

"But our results are statistically and clinically significant," said lead researcher Alina Rodriguez of the Imperial College London. "That said, our results should not be taken to mean that all children who are mixed-handed will have problems at school or develop ADHD. We found that mixed-handed children and adolescents were at a higher risk of having certain problems, but we'd like to stress that most of the mixed-handed children we followed didn't have any of these difficulties."

Interesting news to be sure. Our namesake Charles Shackleford I'm sure would be alarmed by this development.

Ambidextrous kids more prone to mental issues [MSNBC]

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