Tuesday, January 19

This Week In Sports Hate: The Colts

I made my feelings clear that the Colts' move in their week 16 game against the Jets was a lame decision by Bill Polian. I was back in the Queen City this weekend to gather my furniture(is there anything worse than moving in life, seriously?) and it afforded me an evening out with some old friends, which probably compose half of this blog's readership, and my co-blogger Catfish. After the Colts put away the Ravens and I had imbibed a good amount of beer, Catfish and I embarked on a spirited argument about that fateful Colts decision. While he took the "smart move" it's about winning the Super Bowl angle, he also said that opposing view was based on the fact that I am a Patriots fan and the 18-1 season incapacitated me from rational thought.

I can assure you this was not the case. I perhaps could not articulate my reasoning due to the inebriated state I was in. Point of fact, I was actually rooting for the Colts and earlier the Saints to run the table. When the Colts threw up the white flag I was angry at the manner in which they did it and the fact that I had actually been rooting for the Colts. At that moment I wished an early playoff death on Indy, which did not come to pass. They are the heavy favorites to beat the Jets on Sunday, the very team they laid down for so a Super Bowl appearance is likely. In my opinion though, even if they hoist the Lombardi trophy the way in which they refused to go for history will always be the sub-headline from this season. Then, I saw this:

via KSK(who has some great Colts hate recently)

The best thing about this hand gesture is the subtleties it employs to try to differentiate it from the famed symbol of my alma mater. "You see, our symbol is different because you overlap the thumb knuckles and slightly tilt the sides in." Which is dumb because horseshoes are rounded on the outside. Those minor changes to the "Shoe" remind me of when Vanilla Ice said that the bass line to 'Ice Ice Baby' was different from Queen's 'Under Pressure'. Like when Rome had to put Florida in its place for claiming U-hood, the Colts need just sit back and enjoy their on field success or at least try to be creative. Speaking of creativity:

What an apropos slogan for the times we live in. Enjoy your playoff run Indy, but you will always think of what might have been had you decided to go for greatness and not be simply another edition of a could-be NFL champion. Winning the trophy does not justify doing the duck-and-cover when history challenged your team's will.

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