Monday, January 25

Super Bowl Countdown

I started a tradition of ignoring as much media coverage of the Super Bowl as possible. That is the wonder of the blogosphere, you can choose what you want to read and watch regarding the big game. I refuse to subject myself to inane babble of TWWL and even with this resistance I still catch some of it by accident. There is nothing I can provide that will be different or groundbreaking for what will be said about the game. This left me with a decision of what to do with Super Bowl theme between now and the game. You could say I could do nothing but then how will I entertain myself by writing this blog?

Therefore, I will be doing a countdown of the best Super Bowls I have seen in my lifetime. I prefer to make lists of events I witnessed so starting with the first football I remember watching, Super Bowl 22 and ranked each Super Bowl, 22 in all based on a index I created out of thin air. Between now and the big game I will be running down my list of games.

I made the rankings based on five categories, each category ranges from 1-5:

Historical Significance: Previous Success to the teams involved, Rivalries between players, coaches or regions, was the game involved in a dynasty run.

Game enjoyment by the mass public: Do people often reference the game in discussions/arguments, was it a close game/competitive, memorable plays involved, records set, the water cooler factor(were people giving it attention as a great game right after it was played?)

High Profile Element: Hall of Fame/All-time greats involved, great coaching personas, and franchise caché.

Venue/Atmosphere: Host Stadium, Crowd involvement, Pageantry, Host city, media hype.

Personal Enjoyment: Lists are subjective to begin with, so the final element is my own subjective opinion on each of the games.

Game #22 will kick-off things tomorrow.

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