Friday, June 4

It's A Friday Update

What a week it has been. Catfish and I are still standing. We are still chasing that gold in the grave that is a lucrative sports career, both in our own unique way. So what better metaphor than my favorite Western standoff of all time. I would like to claim to represent Clint in this scene, but Cat is taller than me. No I am Tuco, the crafty and squat outlaw gunning for gold. Our third counterpart is the sports hemisphere, represented by the deceptive Angel Eyes. The three of us are at an epic standstill and only through progress will we shoot ourselves to glory and the precious coin.

What I am failing to say is that while Catfish and I are working hard on our real life projects, we still are committed to making this blog a reservoir for our thoughts and musings. We do not have the means to be an up to the second sports newsblogs, but hey, twitter is just a tweet away. We are here to offer our dynamic perspective on what we praise and abhor in the sporting world which we care about so deeply.

So while our compadre TBL deservedly cashed in on his hard work this week, we will continue to churn out our work little by little. Cat is mastering the airwaves, I am learning the intricacies of collegiate athletics, and this blog remains a refuge for our philosophizing. So by all means keep checking back, and subscribe so you can get our content when it comes around. Thanks for reading our good, bad, and the ugly. There are two kinds of people in the world my friend, those that have guns and those who dig. Right now we are still digging.

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