Monday, June 14

R.I.P. Sausage King

Jimmy Dean, the Sausage King, has passed away. With no disrespect intended to Mr. Dean or his family, I wonder if anyone asked, "Should we continue making sausage today?" Every time someone associated with a sports team passes the 'Should they play?' question surfaces. I want to go on record that when my time has come, I want all teams to play. I want no debate. I would like it noted, however, that this is not what I will have wanted. I will have wanted to live or for the entire planet to stop and mourn, but if that's not going to happen who am I to hold up a sporting event? I'd like to believe that some people will be glum when that day comes, but why should they be glum and bored? 'Can we at least play cards? I'm not sure that's what Catfish would've wanted us to do.'

Since September 11th, this question has been cheap article fodder for sports writers and a talking point for reporters on the scene. A story line that seems ludicrous for every other walk of life. Enjoy life, celebrate it. Enjoy some Jimmy Dean sausage and his biggest musical hit today, I like to think it's what Jimmy would've wanted.


the EPA said...

I think we should grind him up and stuff him in his own intestinal lining. He would have wanted it that way.

Cleet said...

I bet Abe Froman was still cranking out the sausage today, even if in a somber mood.