Thursday, June 3

The One-hit Shutout That Will Live In Infamy

If umpire Jim Joyce had not blown the call at first base Armando Galarraga would have recorded the third perfect game in a month. That means 1/7th of perfect games in MLB history would have been performed in that time. Unfortunately Joyce, as he put hit, "kicked the shit out of it". Joyce has apologized and said all the right things, as has Galarraga and Jim Leyland, but the fact remains history was ruined. This does not affect the standings or the pennant race because the Tigers still won but what about the next time it does? Selig will make some bumbling statement I'm sure and baseball will continue with only replaying home run calls and doing so in an extremely inefficient manner (sending all the umps under the stadium instead of having a replay official upstairs). This has nothing to do with tradition or the human element, it has to do with making a correct call and the means to do everything in your power to make it.

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