Monday, June 22

Weekend Recap

No need to recap the U.S. Open. It's not over yet. This morning Ricky Barnes will attempt to hold off the other players charging toward him including Tiger and Phil. [Update: He didn't, but the guy he was playing with did.]

You can follow the coverage live on your computer though thanks to the genius of the internets. [NBC Sports]

Former QB at the U and Miami-area steakhouse owner Bernie Kosar has filed for bankruptcy. He blames the economy, others his foolish spreadthrift ways. All I'm wondering is why the hell his ex-wife Babette deserves $3 million. [Miami Herald]

The U.S. Soccer team pulled one completely out of their backside by advancing to the semifinals of the Confederations Cup. [Rumors and Rants]

The Wimbledon preview this year begins and ends with Roger Federer. It is extremely dissapointing that Nadal had to withdraw because of injury which really only leaves two compelling stories on the men's side: Federer going for the record 15th Grand Slam title and Andy Murray becoming the latest hope for the Brits. []

Hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day, unless you hate your father or can't stand your kids. [HHR]

Warren Sapp says the youngins don't listen to the old folk nowadays. Insert lawn joke here. [PFT]

Sabathia hurts his bicep as the Yanks fall to the Marlins 6-5. The Fish took the series from the Yanks at Landshark Stadium. It was like 2003 all over again. [Sporting News]

Jason Campbell speaks with dolphins. We have to get him and Darren Dalton together. [DC Sports Bog]

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