Monday, June 29

Weekend Recap

Well, let us just say that the trip to Ohio did not disappoint. There was not even that many Buckeye fans around, perhaps because we were closer to Pennsylvania than Columbus, but whatever the case K-man is now a happily married man and Catfish and I are safely back in North Carolina. While recounting the details of the weekend would possibly incriminate all those involved and since some people who read this blog know me personally, I sadly cannot divulge all that occurred. I will however give a rundown of what I learned over the weekend though.

-Youngstown, Ohio is apparently the marriage capital of the Midwestern United States. There were weddings everywhere and when I informed people I was here for a wedding they all told me what to expect and looked upon me as if I was an simple tourist in some kind of marriage destination.

-Catfish throws a strong right hand and somebody got on a plane yesterday with evidence of that on their face.

-If you have upwards of 200 people at your wedding but less than 4% of those attendees are single ladies, that is wrong.

-Despite popular belief, I am not in favor of chasing after cankles.

-There are few words better in the human language than "open bar".

-Lighting is a very important component in owning/operating a strip club.

-Four guys in the back of a compact Mazda is not a good idea, but can be done with the proper body angles.

Each one of these revelations has an interesting story behind it but I will leave it to your imagination. Catfish and I stopped by the Pro Football Hall of Fame like we planned yesterday. It was a good experience and I'm glad we decided to go. While we were gone some crazy stuff went down.

Billy Mays is gone? Wait this stuff is only supposed to happen in 3's. [Tampa Bay Online]

The U.S. Soccer team came oh so close to pulling off the huge upset while we drove through the hills of West Virginia. Even though they came close and lost, the story is not all bad. [Soccer Haus]

The Yanks swept the Mets at Citi Field, Rivera picks up his 500th save and Jerry Manuel is sending out an SOS. 3 of your 4 best hitters, a starting pitcher, and you're setup man on the DL will do that to you. [New York Post via TBL]

Roger Federer continues to roll at Wimbledon. It appears only Andy Murray can stop him now. []

The Mountain West is not letting their dream of a playoff in FBS college football die. [Salt Lake Tribune via CGB]

Traveling in Ohio this weekend meant we got a taste of Cleveland sports radio, the talk was all about Shaq and the Cavs. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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