Wednesday, June 10

Zack Is Back, At Least For One Night

If you have not seen this video yet, where the hell have you been? This clip drips with greatness. I had no idea Mark-Paul would still be willing to do something like this and frankly, I was blown away. I have to give mad props to Jimmy Fallon for trying to make this reunion happen but of course he had to laugh during the 'timeout'. One thing that angers me about this clip is how tame the studio audience is. It is Zach freakin' Morris people and this is the first time in over a decade he has reappeared. The jokes he made were not even appreciated; the Kelly divorce because of Jeff, the huge phone, the talking to the camera, when he says that he grew up in Indiana but then moved to California with his two best friends and his principal.

Whether the reunion happens or not, this clip more than made up for the void of new SBTB content. I still catch an episode every morning on TBS before I head to work.

A final note for you fellow SBTB junkies out there; On Gosselar's show, Raising the Bar on TNT, his co-star is Natalia Cigliuti who played Lindsay Warner on Saved By The Bell: The New Class. Sweet.

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