Tuesday, July 28

Bobcats Trade Their First Ever Draft Pick

In a move that is drawing strong debate by both sides here in Charlotte, the Bobcats have traded Emeka Okafor to the New Orleans Hornets for Tyson Chandler. The argument on the forums over at our friends, Bobcats Planet, has been intense. Sentimentally, I am a UConn fan and a fan of Emeka as a person so this is a hard move to swallow. Catfish has told me the business and economical side of the decision which makes it clearer in the big picture. This move may hurt Charlotte in the short-term depending on Chandler's health but with Okafor's huge contract and Chandler's coming off the books in a couple years, it may be beneficial down the road.

Either way it is hard seeing the face of the young franchise get dealt for an injury-plagued semi-star. While Okafor was never an all-star or a primetime performer, he did win rookie of the year in 2005 and only Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard have averaged a double-double over the last five seasons along with Emeka.

The debate will continue well into next season while the staunch Emeka defenders point to his solid play and the pro-Chandler look to his athleticism, height, and expiring contract.

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