Thursday, July 30

Thursday Links

We took the bronze in our trivia contest last night and we are not too happy about it. The halftime question was mired in controversy and it concerned the longest running sitcoms on television. They told us M*A*S*H was not a sitcom! Lies! Subsequently, I always defer to Sporcle, so you can take the quiz and seethe results for yourself HERE (hint: type in M*A*S*H and see what happens). Some other stories to stuff your swelling soul with on Thursday.

Florida Panthers exec struck out on Millionaire matchmaker, tries creepy I know random facts about you technique on Fox News Anchor. [Deadspin]

Anyone who wants to see Fedor destroy Lesnar in the ring raise your hand. [LA Times]

Cliff Lee is no Roy Halladay, but at least Philadelphia will keep Kyle Drabek this way. [Rumors and Rants]

Brian Urlacher and Jake Cutler work out their "pussy" issues. [KSK]

A look at the greatest goalie masks of all time. []

Uplifting story for Walter Peck time! New Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads taking different approach to coaching that Gene Chizik did: I actually give a shit about my players.[Des Moines Register via EDSBS]

We have all been missing college football, I've been missing Mike Leach. [ESPN]

Delaware fighting back on the attack of sports leagues and NCAA to stop the legalization of gambling. Owned, political style! [Yahoo]

A list of Ten Memorable Movie Endings. [Gunaxin]

Pats training camp opens today! /ducks. Yes I know you all hate them but I still have my Drew Bledsoe "Patriot Games" poster on my wall so let's take a look at we need to know about training camp, shall we? [Barstool Sports]

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