Friday, July 24

You Are Not Prepared For The SEC Onslaught

Brace yourselves. This is only the beginning. As SEC Media day kicked off yesterday, we saw a terrifying glimpse of the media coverage to come this season. Every coach who got up the podium was asked whether they were the culprit, the charlatan who did not vote Tim Tebow preseason all-conference at the quarterback position. I warned of this at the end of last season when Tebow announced he would be coming back. If the coverage is not coming from people who fawn all over the Florida deity, then it is coming from people who are covering him to talk about how ridiculous it is to fawn all over him. I fall into the latter group. It's a trap! I cannot help mentioning this though.

One by one as coaches faced the media, each one was asked if they dared to not vote Tim Tebow as lord and commander of the universe. [Update: It was Spurrier!] Now I have no problem giving Tebow the honor, I mean those dump-offs to Percy Harvin and shovel passes to tight-end Aaron Hernandez were tough, but the world of SEC football continues to grow, as evidence by their massive new television deal and by the 1,000 credentialed media in attendance. This is why the conference has gained the reputation it has, because the southern population of the United States is absolutely batshit crazy over college football.

But back to Tebow. Even he has to think this is getting out of control. He was asked if he was a virgin, which many people think went too far. The problem facing Tebow and the Gators will not be the talent they have the field or even their schedule, its going to be the insane number of attention paid to their team. If people thought last year was over the top and insufferable (/raises hand) then you have no idea what is coming. That is one reason why it is so hard to repeat in sports because once you win, you get magnified under the microscope. You thought the Farve coverage by ESPN was bad, let me just mention that they have a television deal with the SEC and already slobber over Tebow. Tim Tebow is in our lives 24/7 now if we want to follow college football this season and whether we have spent five minutes with him or not, are we better for it?

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