Friday, July 31

I Can't Stop Laughing At This

Hard to Hate Rudy Gay as a UConn fan although he was often cited for his lack of "desire" while in Storrs but that really translates as he was more athletic and talented than everyone else. He was a part of that fateful day in DC in '06 when George Mason made history which is a bitter pill. But I guess the fact that he is now in Memphis softens any animosity. Any man willing to stop and pose for this picture is aces with me. Whenever I'm down in days ahead I am going to look at this picture to cheer me up. I love the star trying desperately through its oversized yellow glove to form a #1 sign.

via Deadspin.

Speaking of comedy, I went and saw a preview of Funny People on Tuesday with Catfish and wrote a review for our friends at Arts a la Mode which you can read here. Funny movie, the plot takes a weird turn but overall a good chuckler.

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