Thursday, August 6

Thursday Links

Who needs cash for clunkers? Larry Bird has the cure for all your automotive needs! (via YBNBY)

Busy week in the real world for the crew so the posting will be limited this week. A couple stories from around block.

Wow Grandma, just wow. [YouTube]

My praise for the Panthers was premature(I swear it's never happened before), run stopper Maake Kemoeatu out for the season. [Carolina Growl]

Everytime a pitcher's arm falls off, Dusty Baker gets a toothpick. [Rumors and Rants]

A baseball card quiz. [Mental Floss]

New Cowboys stadium working feverishly to become more overpriced and bloated than Yankees stadium, but Jerry Jones promises, you will not pay over $60 for a large pizza. [Sportress of Blogitude]

The big boys seem to be on to the Moneyball schemes of small market teams. [SI]

And you thought I wasn't aware of the SBTB photo shoot reunion going on. [Examiner]

Betting on video games? Hide the controller from Catfish. [Deuce of Davenport]

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