Wednesday, August 12

Wednesday Links

The video below has been around the internets a few days now but it pretty much encapsulates every reason why I hate the Miami Dolphins and shows their most redeeming quality: their cheerleaders. I dare not make a Gloria Estefan joke though, she is on the board of trustees at the U afterall. I cannot wait for T-Pain to come out with a series of auto tune nursey rhymes to help put kids to bed. All the kids love the robot voice!

(via KSK)

Wednesday is trivia day, well who am I kidding everyday is trivia day with me so can you name what players have the most NBA Championships? [Sporcle]

Yeah I think Big Ben is going to win this case easily but it still doesn't excuse his taste in ladies. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

The Tigers' Magglio situation has become a dicey numbers game. [Rumors and Rants]

No, I am not happy about this, even as a Miami fan I hate seeing college athletes go down with injuries. [College Game Balls]

Spike TV is offering a chance to see the best of what Pride Fighting had to offer. [HHR]

That sound you just heard was the "Steel Trap" closing on Rick Pitino. [Lousiville Courier-Journal]

I am not going to watch the G.I. Joe movie until it comes out on FX in ten months, but this video about what the characters do on their downtime is fantastic and probably better than the film. [Major League Jerk]

Looks like Michael Vick is taking the low-profile approach to his comeback. Tony Dungy must be proud. [Larry Brown Sports]

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