Monday, August 3

Where In The World Are Carolina's Running Backs?

August is here and along with it NFL training camps are in full swing. The Carolina Panthers have made their annual trek down to Spartanburg, SC to prepare for the season in lovely sweltering summer in the south conditions. Following a disappointing end to their 12-4 season last year by getting blown out by the Cardinals in the playoffs, the Panthers are determined for redemption this year. One of the highlights from the past season was the backfield duo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. After squabbling with Tennessee's Lendale White (who has lost 30 pounds by giving up tequila) and Chris Johnson over the nickname "Smash and Dash", the Panthers' combo came up with a new moniker for this season. Harking back to the glory days of Carmen Sandiego on PBS they have chosen "Double Trouble". Well it was actually coined by wide receiver Muhsin Muhhammad but it certainly reminds me of eating fruit rollups on the couch and watching Rockapella do their thing. Williams and Stewart combined for 2351 yards and 28 touchdowns last year. They are expected to haul the majority of the offensive load, especially with Stewart fully healthy going into this season.

The two have created a website that will feature exclusive videos, a blog, pictures and more of them out and about since they truly are best friends off the field. There are also Double Trouble shirts to buy with proceeds going to St. Jude. There is also a hilarious intro which addresses the controversy last year with Lendale and the Titans. The fee to join the website and get full access is the combination of their jersey numbers, $34.28 which for me is a little steep but for diehards it is probably worth it. With Jake Delhomme determined to make up for last year and the entire offensive line returning, despite losing depth on defense, the Panthers may only go as far as Double Trouble takes them.

Double Trouble 34-28
Panthers Players are 'Double Trouble' [WSOC]


the EPA said...

So the cartoon picture you chose to represent Williams and Stewart is an inter-racial gay couple on their way to a 50s theme party? Sure.

Cleet said...

Dude, that's a picture of double trouble from Carmen Sandiego, the only reason the picture is there but your phrasing of their appearance is undoubtedly accurate.

the EPA said...

Ah, Carmen Sandiego. Instead of learning to type correctbly I played that on the school's Apple 2E