Monday, August 31

ACC Basketball schedules

Last week the ACC unveiled the schedules for college basketball this season. In our over-flowing coverage of college football it slipped through the cracks, but who better than me to dredge the cracks for a post?

Looking first at the reigning national champs they will play three potential top 10 teams in the span of just over two weeks. They will host Michigan State in Chapel Hill (after beating them twice in Detroit last year), then head to Kentucky to take on the snake oil salesman and his hired guns, and follow that up by playing Texas in the first ever basketball game in the new Cowboys Stadium (scoreboard not expected to be an issue).

As for Duke, they continue to be the Florida of college basketball scheduling. Outside of the ACC/Big Ten challenge (which is scheduled for them), Duke never seems to end up on the campus of a ranked non-conference team. It was way back in 2001 when Duke last played a ranked team on their campus and while Coach K will travel the world to lead the Olympic team, they're not nearly as confident when leading the Blue Devils. The Devils do have a potential match-up with the UCONN Huskies, if both teams make it to the championship of the pre-season NIT.

Many of the best non-conference games are possibles, thanks to all the tournaments, but multiple teams appear like they will have a crack at the Gonzaga Bulldogs and the Villanova Wildcats. Have a look for yourselves on this composite schedule.

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