Monday, July 19

Defending LeBron Keeps Getting Harder

Last week, I took issue with an Adrian Wojnarowski column for his treatment of LeBron. Well, The Woj (yeah, that should stick) is at it again. This time, The Woj knocks it out of the park, outlining how LBJ was nearly left off the Olympic team and how the enabling attitude of Cleveland contributed to the monster. Yes, I'm conceding that he's out of control. Upon hearing of LeBron's newest purchase, a $49.5 million mansion that is allegedly the biggest in Coral Gables, I quit. There's no justification. It's dumb. It's a diva move. Immediately after his PR disaster on ESPN, he decides to spend nearly half of his new contract on a house (and that's not even factoring in taxes, upkeep, expenses, his other mansion, etc.). I don't see how State Farm keeps him on as a spokesman (isn't being there when you need us most their most important message) and what reputable companies are itching to add someone that appears so clueless? I may continue to defend him on the basketball court, but as for the man I can no longer muster the energy.

Update: The King's not buying the mansion. Well **** me sideways.

Update: LeBron's children's furniture line still debuting this fall. The bunkbed set comes with a life-size Maverick Carter doll that will tell your child how great he is and the mattresses roll up easily for those times your kid runs away.


ryanandtracy said...

I was Lebron's biggest fan before the "Decision." I defended every move he ever made. All of the respect I had for the man went out the window when he uttered the words "South Beach".

gerakis100 said...

Still can't believe he made this move... Huge mansion or not, Finish what you started man

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