Wednesday, July 28

Old Lady Behind Erin Andrews Will Look Into Your Soul and Rip It Out

Erin Andrews was in Washington in support of stricter laws on stalking. This hardly even qualifies for sports news, but she almost won Dancing with the Stars! Is this really a necessary undertaking? Maybe. I've never been the victim of stalking and I would think it is a desperate and disgusting act unless you keep it on Facebook where it belongs.

What intrigues me most about this video is the little old lady behind Andrews. Seriously, watch the video with no sound and you can almost hear her thoughts inside your head. Who is she? What sort of mystic powers does she posses? Is she casting a spell on all of us? In summation: stalking is bad and lazy eyes are creepy.

Erin Andrews Went to DC and Hopefully Changed Some People’s Minds About Stalking [TBL]

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the EPA said...

The old lady behind Andrews is furiously working the strings to make Tits-on-a-stick look life like.