Wednesday, July 7

Two Years In The Books for ASD

It was two years ago today, Catfish and I embarked into the interwebs. Paralleling our own lives, the blog has gone through ups and downs, the heavy traffic and the barren hits, the abundant content and that one week where all we posted was a YouTube clip.

Looking back at our one year anniversary, we had over 600 posts running. As of today we are just short of 900. I guess we had some trouble adjusting after our breakout rookie season. As we have said many times life demands get in the way. The popular attack sports "journalists" use against blogs is that it so easy just to type away, usually from the confines of a mother's basement. I will tell you though, it takes a certain dedication and resources both material and mental to keep a blog up and running. This place will remain a place for us to share our ideas and bounce things off the wall. So break out the cotton for our two-year anniversary and thanks for reading! All of 3 of you.

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