Friday, July 9

RIP Dinner Bell

Sad news in the world of basketball. No, not the LeBron situation. That is a Barbaro that will be beaten over and over again over the coming weeks eternity of human existence. "Dinner Bell" Mel Turpin was found dead in his home at the age of 49. The police suspect suicide. His family and friends don't think it was in him to do it. Turpin was selected by the Bullets 6th overall in 1984, the draft that featured the Hakeem, Turpin's Kentucky teammate Sam Bowie, Jordan top 3 as well as Barkley. Mel never quite panned out in the NBA, but he will always have a place in the ASD pantheon thanks to one memorable encounter. If you have no seen the entirety of Super Slams of the NBA I suggest you watch parts 1-5 on YouTube immediately. Part 5 is shown below. The encounter of course is shared by Karl Malone, in an epic pink shirt, and can be found at 3:43 in the clip below. Apparently, during a Bulls-Jazz game in Salt Lake City a fan was heckling Jordan after he dunked on John Stockton. Jordan then came down the floor and dunked on Dinner Bell. Jordan then looked at the heckler and asked "Was he big enough?" You really have to hear Malone tell the story in his backwoods L'isiana accent.

Other incredible highlights to look for in this video:

-Jordan dunking on another recently deceased NBA big man Manute Bol. (:28)
-Dominique,in a fantastic polka dot vest and bowtie combo, describing one of his sick dunks. Still the best in-game dunker ever in my opinion. (1:28)
-Mark Jackson telling us when Jordan's Chicago team is in town "you better leave your family and everybody else at home, you don't wanna be embarassed." (1:35)
-Mark Eaton sharing his traumatic experience of getting dunked on by Dr. J in perhaps the most tame Dr. J dunk of all time. (2:02)
-Shawn Kemp (please remember him for his great years and not the bloated, seed-spurting whale he became) with a ridiculous dunk in MSG. Bonus commentary from Trent Tucker, who is wearing his uniform in the interview as he never removed it, ever. (2:22)
-Tom Chambers with the greatest ivory dunk of all time. "When he hit Mark, he was already high..". (2:53)
-Again, Karl sums the whole thing up. (3:43)
-A blaaaaazed Kenny "Sky" Walker describing Dr. J's cradle dunk. Features the call "He rocked that baby to sleep with a slam dunk" and the leprechaun looking fellow electrocuted in reaction. (4:08)

Ex-Wildcat Turpin found dead at home of apparent suicide [Lexington Herald]

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