Tuesday, July 27

Florida Marlin Put on DL Because of.....Pie

I like pie, The Rock likes pie, mathletes know pi, and most other people like pie. Yet this is not a happy story about pie. Marlins outfielder Chris Coghlan tore meniscus in his knee as he attempted to pie-to-face teammate Wes Helms Sunday after the team's extra innings win over San Francisco.

The shaving cream pie has increased in popularity in recent years. The usual scene involves the key player form the game or the player who got the winning hit interviewing with the affliate's broadcaster and then one or more teammates sneaking from behind and plunking him with said pie. A mirthful time is had by all. Of course it's always fun until someone tears menisci. The Marlins have eliminated pie celebrations for the remainder of the season. Obviously mistakes happen but baseball has been going through a bad stretch of injuries in recent years. From Eli Morales' broken leg on a walk-off home run to Milton Bradley's argument knee injury to Mike Pelfrey's sleeping on a plane neck injury.

There are so many games and situations these players put themselves in, there are bound to be mishaps. The fact that these players are multi-million dollar investments for ownership means a tighter restriction on extranneous activity around the ballpark and sadly that means less pie which is never a good thing. The little solace Coghlin and his bretheren in baseball can take is that Bill Grammatica still holds the belt for most embarassing injury.

Coghlan goes on DL after celebration injury [MLB.com]

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