Thursday, August 19

Football is on the Way

Deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want Cleet's football previews, you need Cleet's football preveiews. Well, in actuality none of that is true. It just so happens to ramping up of football season coincides with the time of year at work that has me so busy I want to stick a rusty spork in my eye. Trust me I have football on the brain and not this mountain of paperwork. Hoping to pool everything together soon. Speaking of pools, we have taken a few shots at the University of Georgia here. From their panty-clenching former AD to their smushsmortion of an orientation song, so here is something...that is not a rip on the fair city of Athens. Here is Coach Richt taking the plunge:



Becky said...

If I could, I would "like" this post.

the EPA said...

Diving; the gayest of the water sports. How expected of a Bulldog.

the EPA said...

Oh and Becky be sure you like the right post.