Thursday, August 5

Maryland Channels Their Inner Dhalsim

After a horrid 2-10 season last year, the Maryland Terrapins are using all avenues to improvement this year. Their players have been attending yoga sessions twice a week in order to improve flexibility, strength, and the ability to shoot fire out of their mouths. Now I am not here to scoff at yoga as an exercise discipline. Improving flexibility and strength is a great way to get a physical edge on the field. Many people forget Herschel Walker took ballet in his playing days, although one wonders if he just blames that on one of his more effeminate personalities. Sometimes doing that little bit extra in an area outside of your actual sports' preparation pays dividends. Sports psychologists have found their niche for working with individuals or teams. Of course, if Maryland performs as poorly as they did last year, no one will care and their strength and conditioning coach may be put on the hot seat. It was a good ploy by him though, you have to think Maryland will winn more than 2 games, and then when the win total goes up, Dwight Galt can say that he was the catalyst.

In other college football news, our patented and almost never accurate conference and BCS previews will start up next week.

Maryland football players, coaches hope yoga will help team strike a balance [Washington Post]

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