Tuesday, August 24

The Formula for Talking about Trash Talk on Sports Radio

Every couple months someone in sports will call out their rival and it becomes low hanging fruit for sports radio hosts (and columnists alike). It always seems to follow the same formula so we decided to break it down for the next time it happens. This way everyone will know their lines, hit their marks and compelling radio can be enjoyed by all. Aspiring broadcasters should consider this a how-to... a how to be awesome at radio. Note for hosts: Feel free to elaborate on any of these points to keep the exhilarating discussion going for as long as possible.

Host: Welcome back, you're listening to [show name]. I saw something that caught my eye yesterday. [Co-host name], did you see where [Team name] [choose one: owner/coach/position played] [name] took a shot at [rival team's name]? Here's what he said, "The bottom line is [I/we] [choose one: don't care for/strongly dislike/hate] the [rival team name]. They're [soft/crybabies/bitches]."

[Co-host name], I don't see the need to do this. You get a chance to settle this on the [field/court]. Don't give the other team extra motivation.

Co-host: Well [host name], you may not believe it but I love this stuff. It reminds me of a better era in [sport being discussed] when team's didn't like each other. They weren't going out together after the game and shooting commercials. Back in the [decade], the [rival team A] and [rival team B] didn't just dislike each other, they HATED each other. And when I say HATED, I mean HATED.

(skip next section if football is topic)
and besides that, it's good for the sport.

(If off-season): Look, it's [month] and we're talking about [league]. How often do we talk about the [league] in month? Not very often.

(If during the season): Now this week's [series/game] becomes must see TV. I doubt I would've watched this [series/game] if it wasn't for [name]'s comments.

Host: Well, you're right about that.

(If player has been successful)
I just don' get why a guy like [name], who has accomplished so much needs to be taking shots in the media.

(if player has not been successful)
but, who is [name] to be talking trash about anybody? What have you done in your career that makes you think it's your place to call out another team? i mean, if it was [successful player] ok, I can understand, but you're [name]?!? [name]!!! Give me a break!

We want to know what you guys think, give us a call...

(Fast forward to show following [game/series])

Host: You have to give [name] credit. He talked the talk and he walked the walk.


Host: This is why [name] never should've opened his mouth. Let your play do the talking or you run the risk of looking like a [fool/idiot/big dummy].

Co-host: Yea, the [rival team] really made him [shut up/eat his words/head home with his tail between his legs].

And scene. (Expound as necessary to fill segment)

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