Monday, August 2

Mocking Media Guide Muck-Ups

It's time to gear up for college football. Media days have come, August is upon us, and it is now appropos to mock your rivals (even moreso than usual). According to this tweet, FSU misprinted the name of Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle whom they featured for his academic acheivements.

This is high comedy, almost as gut-busting as the Seminoles yuge logo on their field last year that spoke of acamedics and integrity after the academic fraud scandal that rocked their athletic department the year before. This typographical error reminded me of a photographical error made by the University of Florida in the summer of 2003 when a Crocodile graced the cover of their media guide instead of their Gator namesake. I love the statement from the Florida spokesman on that: "We asked for an alligator, we paid for an alligator and unfortunately we did not get an alligator."

Minor details that have nothing to do with play on the field? Yes, but it never hurts to poke fun at the two in-state schools who still call you "thugs" because they are uninventive despite the fact they have more arrests and a poorer academic record than you recently.

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Becky said...

The University of Georgia was named the No. 1 school in the nation Monday