Wednesday, September 1

2010 College Football Predictions: The Pac Ten

The Pac Ten has been using its Extenze as Jimmy Johnson directed. They will be expanding but first they can soak up their traditionally goodness. USC was knocked off their perch last year, then took a hammer to the nuts. What will happen on the left coast this year?

1. Oregon- You can have QBs rob people, RBs punch people, but the bottom line is Chip Kelly can get an offense to score. They may get into trouble when they play a very tough, physical defense. /Scans schedule. They'll be fine until bowl season.

2. Oregon State- Jacquizz is magical. Biggest little man in college football. Mike Riley has quietly been building a solid non-national factor team up there in Corvalis. Early season losses to TCU and Boise State will kill any national buzz but they work well while under the radar.

3. USC-
Lane Kiffin, people don't like you but as long as your wife likes you and your check-signing hand likes you, people like me thinking your a dick doesn't matter.

4. Arizona State- Tough conference schedule, but something tells me Dennis Erickson rubs his old, crusty knees together and makes the top half of the conference.

5. Washington- Jake Locker, you are the latest overhyped QB to be in the Heisman talks and on the draft gurus big board way too high, what are you going to do next? He's going to be incredibly mediocre, that's what.

6. UCLA- Rick Neuheisel must think he is riding high now that USC has come down to earth. Wins are not automatic Rick.

7. Stanford-
Andrew Luck will be good, rest of the team won't.

8. Arizona-
Dissapointing season for the Wildcats

9. Cal- Not the Best year for the Bears. C wut I did dere?

10. Washington State- Bads.

Player to Watch: Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State
Exceeds Expectations: Oregon State
Fails Expectations: Arizona
In-conference game to watch: Oregon at Oregon State, Dec. 4
Out of conference game to watch: UCLA at Texas, Sep. 25

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