Wednesday, September 1

2010 College Football Predictions: The Big XII

Yes, work is smoking me blah blee blah. Going to have to cut my predictions down a little bit in order to get them in before football starts (tomorrow!). So order of finish and a quick blurbity blurb. The Big XII was the almost the fault line for the complete earthquake and continental restructuring of college football. Nebraska and Colorado will be gone soon and Texas hogging a majority of the cash so who knows how long the conference will stay on its feet but it is for this year so let's pick this bitch.


1. Nebraska- The Huskers lost all-world DT and Delhomme decapitator Suh. However, the schedule is quite favorable with their toughest test and only current ranked opponent Texas coming to Lincoln. Huskers are a trendy pick to run the Big 12 and even possibly get to the title game. It's hard to pick against that schedule, but I don't think they have title capability this year. That is unless Zac Lee or Cody Green at QB can suddenly find their ability to move the ball.

2. Missouri-
Mizzou had some major egg on their face when it was made public they wanted to join the Big Ten "cool kids club" and were denied. They reacted to this disappointment in an all too familiar way: their players started boozin'. The Tigers should have a solid season but with the uncertainty around them, even a Holiday Bowl appearance would ring hollow.

3. Kansas State- I'm not sure how Bill Snyder will hold up now that he has been out of the cryogenic vault for so long, but I expect K-State to make a bowl and perform admirably in conference.

4. Kansas- Turner Gil has arrived to wash the mouth out of KU after Mark Mangino hurt some feelings. Mangino of course brought Kansas to prominence which explains some methods to his madness but did not excuse all of the behavior. Gil will try to keep that momentum going but use a different car to get there. Not so much this year.

5. Iowa State- .500? .500.

6. Colorado- You see that Timmy, that's Dan Hawkins job at Colorado going down in flames.


1. Texas-
Yes, they lost a lot but does conventional wisdom always work for the purpose of truth and goodness? Galileo says fuck no. Texas gets Oklahoma and Nebraska back to back and after that they will cruise until the game against A&M. I think they beat the Sooners and lose to Nebraska and the Aggies. They win a tiebreaker for the head-to-head over the Sooners.

2. Oklahoma- Sooners will have a good season but fans will be disappointed in no Big 12 title game. Also this:

(via EDSBS)
3. Texas A&M- Popular sleeper? Maybe. Jerrod Johnson Heisman candidate? Possibly. Beat Texas? It could happen. Sherman leading the Aggies to a BCS berth? Nope.

4. Baylor- If Robert Griffin's knee is not made of lime jello the Bears could have a solid year.

5. Oklahoma State- Mike Gundy, the T. Boone tolls for thee.

6. Texas Tech- I'm a huge Tuberville fan, but Lubbock will need some time to adjust from dark rooms and pass-happy offense.

Player to watch: Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M
Exceeds Expectations: Kansas State
Fails Expectations: Oklahoma State
In-conference game to watch: Texas at Nebraska, Oct. 16
Out of Conference game to watch: Holy shit, there are not many good OOC games for the big boys. I'll take Oklahoma at Cincinnati, Sept. 25
BIG XII CHAMPION PREDICTION: NEBRASKA (this time the clock runs out)


the EPA said...

Cyclones go 8-4 by stealing a win against Iowa and someone else that should wreck them. Lest we not forget they beat Nebraska last year. TAKE THAT SUH!

Cleet said...

I will be rooting hard for ISU against the Hawkeyes, hoping to be surprised. Don't sleep on Northern Iowa though, I hear they brought Ali Farukmanesh in as a wideout.

the EPA said...

He be droppin bombs yo!