Thursday, September 2

Happy College Football Day and 9/02/10!

Rest of our college football previews today, inclduing our BCS picks. Hey did you know today is 9/02/10 day? Well if you haven't every hipster you know or work with will remind you. Aside from the numerical date representing one of the paragons of the 90s, today is the start of college football! YEaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. In order to celebrate please enjoy our all-time favorite clip of 90210, and no it is not Donna losing her V-card.

Although Tiffani did well in this clip and on the show by all accounts (I stopped watching by the time she got there) she is not going into the hall of fame as Valerie Malone, she'll be wearing a Saved By The Bell cap for sure.

For a pretty statastic preview that goes more by the numbers than I did here, check out this sweet feature from the Wall Street Journal for all 120 teams.

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