Tuesday, September 1

Tuesday Videos

The blogosphere and internets are getting swept up in the maelstrom that is the beginning of football season. Let's jaunt around and take a look"

First we have the incomparable Brett Favre throwing an illegal crackback block on the Texans' Eugene Wilson. I do not beleive the leg is supposed to bend that way.

via KSK

Kirk Herbstreit is "salsa boy". I don't see acting in Nick Saban's future.

via Friends of the Program

Ever wonder what a fully financed college football program has at its disposal? Take a tour cribs style in Baton Rouge, and please no more sympathy for how the players don't get paid.


Rich Rod is just a man, made of flesh and bone. If you prick him does he not bleed? If you find NCAA violations in his program does he not cry? Yes he does.

via The World of Isaac

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