Monday, November 8

Herb Was Not Properly Taught How to Dougie

Everyone seems to be very impressed with John Wall's Dougie, except scrotebag radio hosts. Here we have Herb Sendek giving it his best college try and failing horribly. Him being an old white man is not enough excuse for how bad this Dougie was.

Turns out the culprits were:

"the 3- and 4-year-old daughters of Arizona State assistant coach Lamont Smith.

They showed him how to do the Dougie before the Tip-Off event began but were too shy to get on stage with him to do it, so Sendek got on stage and delivered a solo performance."

I guess there will have to be an age limit instituted no when you can teach others the mysterious intricacies of the Dougie.

Good thing Herb Sendek is a better coach than a dancer [Rivals]

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