Friday, November 5

What KG Should Have Said

Big news in the sports world on on Twitter was Celtics big man Kevin Garnett allegedly telling Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva that he "looked like a cancer patient" during Tuesday's game between the Boston and Detroit. As usual there seems to outrage on both sides. Some feel this is typical Garnett behavior and
Garnett has come out and said that his exact words were: "You are cancerous to your team and our league."

Now, I can see both side of the story on this. On the one hand, talking smack about cancer is not cool but then again on the field of battle the rules of regular society can sometimes not apply. It brings back to me the Zinedine Zidane headbutt. Materazzi had insulted Zidane's sister. While taking shots at ones family is considered below the belt, Zidane should have taken the high road. He didn't and his absence hurt his team in the title match. People can say some awful things when they get the adrenaline flowing, just ask Xtra Medium and Matt Bryant.

What should Charlie have done? If he took a swing at Garnett he would be suspended and lose some coinage but he would have stood up for himself. Villanueva's medical condition results in hairloss, giving him the look he sports. I would think by now he would let those kind of insults roll of his back. KG was a little too direct in his insults, he should have gone for something more subtle. Depending on whether he did call him a cancer patient or called him a cancer to the league. Here are a few suggestions for what could have been said by KG that may or may not have turned this into a big deal.

"Why don't you go back to your home on Rigel VII?" (Don't blame me I voted for Kodos)

"ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, except you being an All-Star."

"How was it being in a Kids In The Hall movie?"
"Cue ball, corner pocket."

"I had sex with your wive/girlfriend."

"You have to live in Detroit."

"Powder called, he wants his look back."


the EPA said...

An AIDS joke would have been funnier.

Becky said...

Also worth noting, nuns made the headlines on espn?

Yesterday, the oldest known woman died at 114.. yet another nun...

idk why I thought this deserved a shoutout, alas I've written it so I'm submitting it.

Cleet said...

Beck comes in with the most random comment in ASD history not involving some random advertiser. Your prize is a a Todd Grantham heimlich poster.

Sports Chump said...

...or KG could have just shaved his eyebrows for the game. That would've been nice.

Hey, found you on a buddy's blogroll. Care to exchange links?

Always lookin' to talk hoops.