Tuesday, November 2

How Wrong Were We: 2010 MLB Season

Here at ASD we like to make predictions just as any sports fans. We also like to take a moment at the conclusion of each season and look back on how wrong we were about our prognostications. Today, the Giants are the World Series champions. If you didn't know that Jerome Bettis is from Detroit then you might be unaware that the Giants won their first World Series since 1954 and the first in San Francisco. Tim Lincecum pitched a gem and Edgar Renteria won MVP on the strength of his game-winning hit. I've seen that somewhere before.

I predicted a BCS matchup between the Yankees and Phillies this year but apparently there is a playoff in baseball.

NL (complete picks here)

Phillies over Brewers(Wild Card winners)
Cardinals over Rockies

Phillies over Cardinals

Not sure what I was thinking with the Brewers there. I expected the Rockies to make their traditional August/September run and they did but not enought to overtake the Giants or Padres. Watch me kind of give the Giants props but completely miss on the big picture:

The additions of DeRosa and Huff are supposed to bolster the Sandoval-led line-up but no one is holding their breath no that one.

And of course, my big bust was having the Padres picked last in this division but I know I wasn't the only one. However, my Mets analysis was spot, fucking on:

I am merely going to sit back and watch the team blow leads, make hideous errors, fail to hit HRs in their own park, and Johan to break down. Then when the smoke clears hopefully Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel will be gone and the team can start from scratch....again.

Good luck Sandy Alderson.

AL (all the picks here)

My AL predictions worked out a lot better. I did pick the Yankees to take the east and the Rays wildcard but that was reversed. I did get all four playoff teams right.

AL Playoffs

Yankees over Twins(again)
Rangers over Rays

Yankees over Rangers

World Series
Phillies over Yankees

I was more than happy to have the Rangers prove me wrong. I did think they had a winning formula though:

But with Nolan Ryan calling out pitchers and Ron Washington doing lines who knows what can happen!

Congrats to the Giants, even Barry Bonds is happy for you. Lincecum and his dong hat can ride off into the sunset. 2010 MLB Season, FIN.

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