Tuesday, November 9

Someone Splooged on Oregon's Basketball Court

There can be no amount of surprise anymore as to what designs roll out of Eugene, Oregon. Phil Knight and his company are mad scientists when it comes to designs for his alma mater. Usually, it is the uniforms that grab people's attention but now the basketball court at the new Matthew Knight Arena. The facility is scheduled to open early next year and Oregon will certainly love the attention. The court design is supposed to evoke images of the tree-covered region of Oregon and the 1939 NCAA title team nicknamed the "Tall Firs". My first thought was that a giant got excited all over the court surface, but then again my mind is a twisted place.

Oregon’s New Court: An Unvarnished Rorschach Test? [Rush the Court]

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the EPA said...

I see a pissed off union guy going insane with a belt sander.